Ebel Renaturalization on McKay Lake

Ebel Renaturalization on McKay Lake

Ebel Planting

Site Visit: August 24, 2018

Planting Date: September 5, 2018


The Ebel Family recently removed a large amount of shrubbery around their cottage that was growing out of control, exposing some beautiful bedrock in the process. They wanted to renaturalize this area using a variety of wildflowers and shrubs in order to highlight the bedrock and create wildlife habitat, particularly for pollinators.


“We were so pleased to be part of the Restore Your Muskoka Shore program and have the opportunity to plant native species on our cottage property.┬áThe team displayed great professionalism and enthusiasm during the initial site visit, the design and on the day of the planting. We are looking forward to seeing the plants grow and flourish, providing us with a more naturalized landscape, and to see what birds and butterflies we attract!

~Lisa Ebel



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