Krynitzki-Wilson Renaturalization on Moot Lake

Krynitzki-Wilson Renaturalization on Moot Lake

Site Visit: September 25, 2018

Planting Date: October 6, 2018


The Krynitski-Wilson cottage on Moot Lake is located near the lake’s outflow adjacent to a wetland. Much of the land surrounding the property is Crown land and there is a small boat launch on the neighbouring property for the water access cottages on the lake.

The Krynitski-Wilson family purchased the cottage in 2017. A portion of the property consists of mowed lawn right down to the water. Since buying the property, the family has let the land go wild and they wanted to further naturalize it with native trees and flowering shrubs, especially in a low-lying wet area, to provide food and habitat for wildlife and help with runoff.

The family decided to post their RYMS sign by the entrance to their driveway so that it gets the most eyes on it as the boat launch for the water access cottage is right beside their property.



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