Maxwell Renaturalization on McKay Lake

Maxwell Renaturalization on McKay Lake

Site Visit: August 10, 2018

Planting Date: September 22, 2018


The shoreline at the Maxwell’s cottage on McKay Lake near Bracebridge was clearcut over 30 years ago by the previous owner. The Maxwells have been letting it grow naturally for some time but were looking for some help to speed up the process. The timbers (seen in the ‘before’ photo) were installed to prevent erosion and create a seating area around the fire pit. The Maxwells wanted to create wildlife habitat, reduce erosion and deter Canada Geese.

The property already had some great native vegetation along the shoreline, including a beautiful Sweet Gale and some Meadowsweet, and the planting plan was designed to extend this vegetation back from the shoreline further, install a pollinator garden where the fire pit used to be, and plant a variety of shrubs on the slope leading to the shoreline. A couple of Yellow Birch were planted on the slope to complement the evergreens already there.



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