Zoldak Renaturalization on Three Mile Lake

Zoldak Renaturalization on Three Mile Lake


Site Visit: August 14, 2018

Planting Date: October 13, 2018


The Zoldak Family’s cottage is located in Hammell’s Bay on Three Mile Lake. Over the years, they have seen the environmental changes that have been happening with devastating results, including shoreline erosion, increased geese and duck populations, and impacts on water levels with lasting effects to fish and wildlife.

The Zoldaks wanted to participate in the Restore Your Muskoka Shore program to have a positive and direct impact on Three Mile Lakes as environmental stewards. Specifically, their cottage’s location on the most eastern point of Hammell’s Bay makes it an ideal site for a shoreline boost that will help all of the private cottagers in Hammell’s Bay. Renaturalizing their shoreline will act to reduce erosion and deter geese from their shoreline, begin the process of converting the formal gardens along their shoreline to native species with greater environmental benefit, and protect the shoreline from undercut banks.



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