Get Involved

Get Involved

Is your Lake Association participating in the Restore Your Muskoka Shore program? Here’s what you can expect!


Funding is available through the Great Lakes Guardian Community Fund (GLGCF) to renaturalize 10 shoreline properties in Muskoka this summer, with at least one in each of the six Area Municipalities (Bracebridge, Huntsville, Gravenhurst, Muskoka Lakes, Georgian Bay and Lake of Bays).

Shoreline Planting

Muskoka Watershed Council (MWC) will cover the cost of approximately 50 plants per property (through GLGCF) and the associated materials (soil, mulch, tree guards, etc), develop a planting plan for each property based on the objectives identified by each landowner, and lead a mini-workshop for volunteers at each planting event to demonstrate proper planting techniques and highlight the value of native plants and shoreline buffers.

Lake associations that are selected will participate by promoting the program on their lake, assist with selecting the successful applicant(s) for the shoreline renaturalization, and recruiting volunteers to assist with the planting.

Landowners can apply to participate in the program and receive a shoreline grant, work with MWC to develop a planting plan for their property, and participate in the planting event. If the landowner wishes to renaturalize a larger area than that which is covered by the program, then the landowner will be responsible for covering the additional cost of plants and materials.

Once a landowner is selected from all the applications submitted for a lake, a site visit will take place where Restore Your Muskoka Shore staff will talk to the landowner to establish the area to be planted, issues to be addressed, and plants to include or avoid. Site conditions, photographs, and measurements will be taken of the planting area to be used in the development of a planting plan.

Once the planting plan has been approved by the landowner, a planting date will be set up and volunteers will be recruited through the lake association to assist with the planting. The planting date will feature a mini-workshop for the volunteers on the importance and benefits of using native plants, planting techniques, and ideas for renaturalizing their own properties.


We are excited to welcome the following Lake Associations to the Restore Your Muskoka Shore Program!