• Renaturalizations are complete!

    10 waterfront properties across Muskoka have received a biodiversity boost of 50 native trees, shrubs, wildflowers and ferns, all planted by lake association volunteers!

A program to help residents install new shoreline gardens.

Restore Your Muskoka Shore offers natural waterfront garden installation with wildflowers and other native plants—from the consultation stage through to volunteer planting—to private waterfront landowners.

About the Program

Learn about Muskoka Watershed Council's Restore Your Muskoka Shore Program, funded by the Great Lakes Guardian Community Fund.

Get Involved

Learn how you and your lake association can get involved in the Restore Your Muskoka Shore program and improve wildlife habitat and water quality.

Native Plants & Buffers

Learn about the importance of shoreline buffers for wildlife and water quality and why you should choose native plants for your property.

Restore Your Muskoka Shore Blog

Learn about our renaturalization projects here!